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At Experience Dental, our root canal services are a great option for saving a tooth that has become compromised. We are proud to be able to address the majority of cases in-house, often the same day, and offer competitive prices while working with high quality materials to ensure excellent outcomes. We use modern instruments, materials, and techniques to ensure quality, comfort and efficiency during treatment. Our team will have you smiling again in no time! Call our office in Boulder, CO or contact us online to schedule your appointment with our root canal dentist today!

What Are Root Canals and When are They Necessary?

Our root canal services are designed to put an end to your toothache and save your natural smile. This treatment option is used for patients who have a bacterial infection that has reached their tooth’s dental pulp chamber. When this happens, the blood vessels and nerves inside the chamber begin to die off and will usually cause you severe pain. Our endodontic treatments allow our root canal doctor to get inside the pulp chamber and clean away the infection and any dead nerves.

All procedures have inherent risks that we cover in detail as appropriate for each patient’s unique medical history. However, root canal therapy is generally both safe and effective. There are typically far more risks associated with leaving a tooth in need of therapy untreated.

The Warning Signs that Your Tooth Has Become Infected

Ultimately, the only real way to catch a decaying tooth early is to make sure you schedule your regular dental exam appointments. However, there are some symptoms that can be an indication that you need to schedule a visit with our root canal dentist as soon as possible including:

  1. Increased teeth sensitivity, especially to hot and cold temperatures
  2. Swollen gums
  3. A tooth that feels loose
  4. Dental abscesses
  5. Severe toothaches
  6. Discolored teeth

What is Better: a Root Canal or Dental Extraction?

We get this question a lot! Although extracting a tooth may often be a valid option or even unavoidable, we do our best to first and foremost provide affordable and high-quality treatment options to avoid this outcome. Regardless, we will always inform you of this option if appropriate and respect your choice of treatment.

Our Comprehensive Root Canal Services in Boulder, CO

The first step in our treatment plans is always to get a thoroughly understanding on what is going on with your teeth. We’ll first work to identify whether a painful or damaged tooth needs a root canal, and confirm our diagnosis with reliable tests and digital x-rays. Our root canal dentist, Dr. Altdorfer, will then discuss alternate treatment options with you and address any concerns you may have before scheduling treatment. We can complete most cases in-house and only in the severe cases will we have to refer you to a specialist. We try to offer same-day treatment to patients whenever possible to help relieve your pain as soon as possible.

On the day of the root canal therapy treatment, our team will once again review our treatment plan before anesthetizing your tooth with one of our gentle local anesthesia techniques. We may also provide one of our safe sedation options depending on your individual needs. We then access, disinfect and treat the canal(s) of the tooth in question through a small opening made on the top of the tooth. We’ll confirm the quality of our root canal treatment with a final digital x-ray before placing a temporary or permanent restoration depending on your unique situation.

Root Canals Aren’t Actually as Painful as Everyone Thinks!

Root Canals aren’t actually that painful, well once we get you numb that is! Teeth in need of root canal therapy are typically most painful before seeing our root canal dentist for treatment and patients often experience immediate relief once local anesthesia is administered. If there is any discomfort during the procedure we have a variety of options available to get “difficult teeth” numb. Most of our patients are pleasantly surprised by our ability to perform their treatment efficiently without causing additional discomfort.

In the rare situation that we are unable to fully anesthetize a tooth, unlike some offices, we will NEVER ask you to “push through” or “tough out” your pain. In these rare situations, we reschedule our patients at no additional charge and provide alternate interim treatment options, such as medications, to help reduce inflammation and discomfort and improve local anesthesia outcomes on the following appointment. Even though these cases are rare, we have proven methods for helping patients stay comfortable and healthy until their treatment is complete. We pride ourselves in providing patients with an excellent experience during their care… because we care!

Sedation Options During Your Root Canal

Is your root canal appointment causing you anxiety? No worries, we have options to help you solve that. In addition to using local numbing agents, our dental office in Boulder, CO offers a variety of safe sedation services to help anxious patients. Minimal sedation can be provided either by having the patient take a pill prior to their appointment or by having them inhale nitrous oxide via a comfortable nose piece during treatment, or both. We also offer moderate sedation via drugs administered through an IV during the procedure.

The Vast Majority of the Root Canal Services We Offer Can be Completed in Less Than an Hour!

Each tooth is unique; therefore, some root canal treatments may require more time than others. Regardless, we will let you know what to expect before scheduling you for treatment. Oftentimes we are able to complete treatment in less than an hour, sometimes in as little as 20 minutes! It is not always possible to predict the exact time required for more complex situations, however, we will always update you if we feel that we need some additional time to provide you with the best possible treatment outcome. Your well-being and comfort will always be our top priorities.

We Work Tirelessly to Help Ensure Your Root Canal is Affordable

Your out-of-pocket cost will ultimately depend on the details of your agreement with your dental insurance provider. We provide cost estimates and can pre-authorize treatments with your insurance directly if necessary. If cost is still a concern, we will work with you to help you find financing for the treatment of your choice.

Post-Op Care

We provide each of our patients with post-operative instructions and medications to ensure comfort and proper healing as part of our root canal services. We may also schedule you for any additional dental treatments whenever necessary (most often a permanent filling or crown). Our team will also follow up during your healing period to make sure you are doing well and your tooth is healing properly. And of course, we are also available via phone 24/7 to address any concerns.

The modern materials we use in root canal treated teeth often outlast the teeth they are placed in. Since teeth that undergo root canal therapy are typically more brittle than virgin teeth, we may recommend placing a crown or other restoration to help protect and strengthen the tooth. Although this is not always necessary, we will consider your unique situation and discuss these options with you ahead of time if appropriate.

Ready to Save Your Smile?

At Experience Dental, you and your teeth are our most important priority. Our root canal services provide you with an experience that feels almost like a day spa as we work on repairing your tooth and restoring your beautiful smile. Our patient-centered care and personalized services go above and beyond to help you feel welcome, comfortable, and at home. We’ll put an end to your pain and having you smiling again in no time. Contact us online or call our office in Boulder, CO to schedule your visit today!