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While extractions are never good news, it doesn’t have to be a bad experience. We are proud of our ability to provide patients with multiple comfort aids. We offer a variety of local anesthesia options and sedation options to help make for a gentle and caring experience. Our dental professionals will also work with you to find the best dental prosthetic to replace your missing tooth as needed. Call our office in Boulder, CO and schedule your appointment today!

When Is a Tooth Extraction Absolutely Necessary?

Dr. Altdorfer will only recommend removing your natural tooth after exhausting all other treatment options. Sometimes a tooth extraction is unavoidable and we will have to remove your tooth to ensure your smile remains healthy. Situations that would require a tooth removal may include:

  1. Overcrowded or Impacted Teeth Including Wisdom Teeth
  2. Seriously Damaged or Cracked Teeth
  3. Excessive Tooth Decay
  4. Severe Infections or Disease

Our Tooth Extraction Services in Boulder, CO

All of our tooth extractions services begin with a comprehensive examination and evaluation, including x-rays, of the tooth and surrounding areas. Dr. Altdorfer will then develop an individualized treatment plan and discuss your options with you. If you decide to move forward with a tooth removal, we can perform most simple dental extractions the same day and in our office. For more complex cases, we can refer you to one of our oral surgeon partners in Boulder for a surgical tooth extraction.

We will begin by first ensuring the tooth and surrounding area are properly numbed. Only after we have ensured that you have been properly numbed, will we use specialized dental instruments to loosen and remove your tooth. After the tooth has been extracted, we will sterilize and clean the area. If we are not immediately replacing your tooth, Dr. Altdorfer will cover the area with gauze to help the surrounding gums heal properly and prevent oral infections.

Effective Pain Management During Your Tooth Extraction

Teeth in need of extraction are often most painful before seeing a dentist for treatment and patients often experience immediate relief once local anesthesia is administered. If there is any discomfort during the procedure we have a variety of options available to get “difficult teeth” numb. Most of our patients are pleasantly surprised by our ability to perform their treatment efficiently without causing unnecessary discomfort.

In the rare situation that we are unable to fully anesthetize a tooth, unlike some offices, we will NEVER ask you to “push through” or “tough out” your pain. In these rare situations we reschedule our patients at no additional charge and provide alternate interim treatment options, such as medications, to help reduce inflammation and discomfort and improve local anesthesia outcomes on the following appointment. Even though these cases are rare, we have proven methods for helping patients stay comfortable and healthy until their treatment is complete. We pride ourselves in providing patients with an excellent experience during their care regardless of the procedure they are having done.

Can You Go to Work After a Tooth Extraction?

Yes and no. It depends on the nature of your work as well as the number of teeth you have extracted. If you typically sit at a desk or do light activities to perform your work and had only one or two teeth extracted, then you are most likely safe to resuming work so long as you feel comfortable. If your work requires moderate to strenuous labor, or you had several teeth extracted, you may be provided with a doctor’s note recommending you to rest and heal for a few days before resuming work.

Your Recovery Time

Depending on the individual’s age and health history, the gums at an extraction site will typically heal within 2-4 weeks. With good home care most patients can stop taking pain meds within a week or often sooner. While the healing process of the bone structure beneath the gums may take up to 3-4 months to finish remodeling, this is not painful and something most patients are not even aware of on a day-to-day basis. As always, we are ready to help if things change and can be reached by phone 24/7.

Experience Dental Makes Dental Extractions Affordable

The cost of your tooth removal will be greatly influenced by your dental insurance. We provide cost estimates and can pre-authorize treatments with your insurance directly if necessary. If cost is still a concern, we will work with you to help you find financing for your treatment.

Post-Op Instructions and Care

After a tooth removal most people experience some swelling and tenderness at the extraction site. The severity of this is dependent on the procedure as well as the quality of home care afterwards. Many of our patients are pleasantly surprised to experience relativity mild discomfort after an extraction or none at all. While we will recommend and prescribe appropriate pain medications when needed, patients often end up not needing them as a result of our atraumatic extraction techniques. It is not uncommon for us to have patients leave our office after an extraction smiling and relieved.

Following your tooth removal, we will give you easy to follow home care instructions along with any recommended limitations to your daily activities when appropriate. We may also schedule you for a follow-up appointment to replace the tooth that was lost if we don’t replace it the same day as your dental extraction.

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